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The State of the Science of Phosphorus

January 30, 2015, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, Maryland
Additional information on the phosphorus issue can be found here.

Project Clean Stream Follow up:

Thanks to all who Project Clean Stream this year. Last year we organized volunteers to pick up trash at Great Marsh Park. It was a great success and the city of Cambridge picked up the trash collected.  This year we expanded worked with our local fire company – Neck District Volunteer Fire Company to clean up our Neck of the woods in Dorchester County.  Project Clean Stream took place April 5th.  24 volunteers, 114 bags and 3 tires and 2000 lbs of trash was removed!  See our FB page for pix!

From My Backyard to Our Bay A Dorchester County Homeowner’s Guide: Actions to Improve the Water Quality of the Chesapeake Bay is now available, click here




The Lawn Fertilizer Management Training will be held May 28th from 10-3pm at Chesapeake College Todd Performing Arts Center.  Dr Gary Felton (Un MD Extension) presents trainging for Eastern Shore communities to help them better  understand the basic requirements of nutrient management with respect to lawn fertilization. 
Come learn how to have a green lawn and clean water.

Ecological impacts of Hurricane Sandy on Chesapeake & Delmarva Coastal Bays

MDE report on coliform in nearshore waters, its from 2005, but worth reading.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Nearshore Fecal Coliform
Distribution in Shellfish Growing Waters.

Transquaking River below Higgins Pond has dangerously high levels of Bluegreen algae, please be careful not to let pets in the water! 

Learn the latest Status of Proposed Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP).  Letter to the WIP team by the Dorchester County Commissioners Oct 5, 2012. The Commissioners question the economical sense of spending money on improvements in Dorchester County, since no money is being allocated to dredge and remove nutrient laden sediments from the Conowingo Dam reservoirs which, according to a recently released study by USGS indicates that these sediments deliver a significant nutrient load to the Bay.  


For more than four decades, citizens, businesses and government in the six states of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the District of Columbia have been cooperating to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay and bring back abundant fish, crabs, and oysters to the largest estuary in the world.  
The good news is we are halfway to meeting our restoration goals.
Now it’s time to finish the job. Dorchester County has drafted a local clean water implementation plan that some say is the best in Maryland for delivering concrete, balanced and effective actions that can make our waterways clean and healthy again. Very soon, a vote will be taken to adopt this plan.  Dorchester County Commissioners need to hear from you!  Please take a moment to let your representatives know that you care about clean water, and urge them to adopt Dorchester County’s clean water implementation plan.

Act now to make a difference:
Email Mike Moulds at   www.mmoulds@docogonet.com
And your Councilman:

District #1

District #2

District #3

District #4

District #5

Jane Barnard, County Manager

-  Add a personal message to let your representatives know why clean water is important to you.

To learn more about Dorchester County’s plan, visit http://docogonet.com/index.php?page=168 and click the link for the Chesapeake TMDL Local Team information page.  For more information about the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, go to cbf.org/tmdl.  Thank you for your support!


Is Dorchester County: Making Progress for Cleaner Local Waters?  Find out by clicking here 

Check out the Calendar of Events in the "Meetings" section for more  important upcoming activities

If you were not able to attend the Nov 3rd talk by Dave Hoffman on "Energy and Water Use Reduction" click here for a copy of his presentation. 

To get more detailed information on the Local TMDL Team click here

To view the Dorchester County Phase II WIP Team's website click here

Check out the presentation on water quality sampling that was given to the County Commissioners on Oct 4 and the Cambridge Mayor and City Council on Nov14 by clicking here.

Maryland's WIP Phase II Target Load Summaries for each county can be accessed by clicking here

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